Gumtree has refreshed its logo!

Each few months, we run an online survey asking the Gumtree community for suggestions on what we can do to improve. One of the most common suggestions is for Gumtree to update its look and feel. Updating our look and feel will take some time, but we’re going to start by launching an updated version of the Gumtree logo.

Our old logo has served us well over the years. It has been the symbol of a free, easy and local way to find just about everything you need to live your life. Over the past year, however, the feedback we’ve received from the Gumtree community has led to us feeling that now was the right time to update our logo. Updating a new logo is a tricky business …. and something that every company – from Apple to Pepsi – does in order to stay current. The changes are usually subtle so the new logo stays close to what consumers know and trust. This is also the case with Gumtree’s new logo, but it’s a bolder, more confident expression of who we are and we think it makes the Gumtree name instantly more recognizable and memorable.

Now that we’ve unveiled the new logo, the Gumtree team will be working hard to make the transition as smooth as possible. Over the next month or so, you can expect the logo to change everywhere – on all Gumtree sites and emails - it’s a big job as there are thousands of logos that need to be updated!

We hope you like our new look… give it a chance, we think it’ll grow on you!

The gumtree team